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Business Phone Systems

Our MTC Business Phone Systems Leverage VoIP to Provide Enterprise Telecommunication at a Fraction of the Cost

VoIP Business Phone Systems

MTC Business Phone Systems

Combining the functionality of the Internet and a conventional phone into one single service with minimal software and hardware support, enables your company to enjoy all the advantages of a large business phone system and more, for fraction of the cost.

On average to replace a legacy phone system the costs are between $3000 to $5000 and you still pay for phone lines.

Our business phone systems utilizes your computer network, reduces the number of phone lines, and uses the internet to route calls.

Features – Automated Attendant, Pickup Groups, Call Transfers, Caller ID, Voicemail System, Voicemail to E-mail, Unlimited Call Minutes, Unlimited Extensions, Paging & Intercom.

Small Business Phone Systems – Almost Same Day Service

We can deploy a small business phone system with almost same-day service. What is more, you may port (transfer) your existing phone lines to the system. Utilizing Yealink handsets and telecom products for robust features at competitive costs, a MTC business phone system can usually save you many $ in monthly telecom expenses with more features.

MyTechCoach’s mtcphone business phone systems leverages VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol to provide enterprise telecommunication at a fraction of cost of legacy business phone systems with more features, including:

  • Higher efficiency and lower cost for communications;
  • Voicemails get sent to your E-mail so when you are out of the office you can still be in touch;
  • No large-scale infrastructure is required.
  • Have dedicated phone numbers for each extension as an option.


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